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Tivy: innovative and fun learning experience

Accessible teaching of robotics so that students experience in practice the concepts explored in the classroom.

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Promote or teach creative, collaborative and interdisciplinary.

Involve the students in the teaching process
and learning face how they become protagonists of their own knowledge.

Bring robotics inside the institutions
It is teaching in a fun way and awakening
to creativity and experimentation.

We will build and program, we will
Students develop critical thinking, imagination, planning and problem-solving.

Meet Tivy

Developed for the early years of elementary school (1st to 5th grade), Tivy is ideal for students to turn ideas into projects, using STEAM teaching (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). The solution is made up of:

pecas montagem

Mounting parts, actuators and sensors

placa bbc

BBC micro:bit board and intuitive programming environment


Activity book for elementary students and teachers


Training and monitoring for teachers

Programming in curriculum

Teaching programming is fundamental for the new generations to be prepared for the challenges of the present and the future.


The Tivy solution kit was structured to allow an intuitive and easy-to-connect programming experience, developing skills such as creativity, autonomy, logical thinking and the ability to solve problems.


To increase interest in teaching
programming and robotics, Tivy makes available the BBC micro:bit, a small programmable board that was developed
with a focus on education.

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Robotics aligned to competencies and goals OECD

The student’s books are in accordance with
the competencies and goals of the OECD and present activities for the resolution of problem-situations and an assembly manual.

The Teacher’s Book delivers plans of
Structured and consolidated classes for teachers, presenting the necessary guidelines to facilitate activities
of robotics.


Expand the possibilities of your educational institution with Tivy!

The time has come to include robotics in your institution. Talk to one of our specialists now.

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