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The educational solution that turns children into inventors

Internationally recognized, Inventura provides programming learning in a practical and fun way.

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The digital revolution has changed the way we look at the world. And also the way we educate.

Learn about the basics of Education 4.0 and how Inventura is reinventing education!

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Discover the pillars of Inventura

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Maker culture;

Computational thinking;

Learning by projects;

Resolution of problems;

Creativity and innovation.

New technologies and the challenges of Education 4.0

Inventura offers project-based learning, in which students work together under the guidance of the teacher.

The secret of getting it right is having the courage to make mistakes. Under the supervision of a teacher, but being the protagonist of the activity, Inventura develops autonomy and confidence.

The projects offered by Inventura aim to exercise and develop computational thinking and programming logic.

Part of Inventura, micro:bit offers countless possibilities for use, demonstrating versatility and stimulating students’ creativity.

Through the conditions presented in each project, students expand their worldview and discover new ways to solve problems.


See what educators think of the solution

"Your navigation is easy and intuitive, and the activities are fun and adaptive. Its use has helped us not to pause the work we do with our students, until families and the school can internally adjust to this new reality, assisting us at all times in measuring their learning, in a detailed manner, both on an individual and collective level."

Fábio Buffon
Teacher - Colégio Scalabriniano Nossa Senhora Medianeira Bento, Brazil
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