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The experience of programming has never been so fun

Developed by BBC England, inspiring children to integrate the world of computational thinking.


Meet the programmable board made for education

Developed to be didactic, attractive and to facilitate interest in teaching programming and robotics, micro:bit is intelligent and accessible to help form a new generation of innovators.

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  • Ready for use: micro:bit does not need any other equipment to be used
  • Radio communication: Different users can communicate with each other through their micro:bits, enabling interaction and even game creation
  • USB interfaceLoad programs directly from your computer to your micro:bit
  • External batteryAccompanied by a holder for two AAA batteries
  • Bluetooth: Communicates with smartphones and various other devices
  • Matrix with 25 LEDsLEDs that allow individual programming
  • ButtonsTwo buttons that allow interaction with the program flow
  • Interaction with the worldCan be connected to motors and other components from digital and analog pins
  • Light sensorsLEDs that detect ambient lighting
  • Temperature sensorsAble to read the ambient temperature
  • AccelerometerThat identifies and differentiates different types of movement
  • MagnetometerIt has a magnetic sensor that can be used as a compass
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stated that the tool showed that anyone can program


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to increase girls’ interest in programming

Why is this solution right for me?

For Integrators and Schools

Created with education in mind

Micro:bit was created with children in mind and with an eye toward the very latest in teaching practices.

  • Designed for Education: Designed with education in mind, the Micro:bit makes learning easy.
  • Welcomes all levels of programming: With partners like Microsoft and MIT, micro:bit welcomes everything from the foundation of computational thinking to more modern languages like Python

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"Eu pensava que programar era coisa de adulto e que era impossível. E agora estou sentindo melhor o meu raciocínio, a minha criatividade, e estou me sentindo mais inteligente."

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EMEFEI Ida Innocenti Luizetto [São Manuel-SP]
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